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About us...

Buying gifts should be fun…...

Trawling around shopping centres, traffic jams, parking and rushing around wasting time and resources buying gifts that may well be not wanted is not our idea of fun.

This was the frustration that led two busy mums, Lynne Bothamley and Kim Brookes to develop the whatidlove online gift list website.

We will do anything to give presents we know are wanted...surely that is the point! We always see wonderful inexpensive presents that we'd love to receive. But how to communicate that without appearing grasping? Well, by making a gift wish list of online gift ideas you are saving resources, helping people save time and money and will cut down on the millions of pounds of unwanted gifts wasted every year...over £50 million pounds worth of unwanted presents were bought at Christmas in the UK alone!

What to do...

It’s easy to make a fabulous list of gift ideas and free…

1. Simply register your details, give your online gift list a title for example: John and Emma’s wedding gift list, Jenny’s Christmas wish list, or Lucy’s baby Shower, (you can make a gift list for any occasion). Add the date of the event and you are ready to start building your gift wish list.

2. Add products from any of the boutique shops on the site by just going to the categories or simply browsing through the boutique shops. Just click on a product you like and click “add it to my list” (you can make more than one list at a time too).

3. To add something from a high street website then go to the High street page and use the Whatidlove Window Shopper. This brilliant bit of software allows you to add any item you choose by copying and pasting the item’s unique url (the web page address from the browser) on to your online gift list.

4. Simply launch the window shopper, minimise it, then find the webpage of the gift you want - any website and any item. In most cases the picture will be added while you type in details e.g. the size or colour, so your guest will have all the information they need to buy the right gift. Use the window shopper to add donations to your favourite charity see our Charities page for some ideas.

Ask for contributions towards any item by ticking a box on the window shopper, many of our users have asked for contribution towards expensive holidays, especially honeymoons.

5. When you have completed your gift wish list, just email the list number to friends and family so they can buy you the perfect present. No queuing, no driving, no making decisions in the dark.

So now you can create a really fabulous gift wish list for yourself and all the family and combine gifts from our unique and original shops together with items from any on or offline retailer … and it’s FREE.

We hope this will help towards reducing the number of unwanted presents and bring back the pleasure of giving and receiving.

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